Geoffrey Murdock

NNR008: Firing on all cylinders No Neon Records continues their packed 2021 with huge techno energy from Geoffrey Murdock's debut peak time banger “Conquer”. A blend of heavy and melodic Geoffrey manages to represent the quintessential sound the label has been known to curate but with a cinematic twist.

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The Odyssey [NNR007]



Wanna go for a Ride? On NNR007 HNTR promises to take you somewhere you’ve never been. Taking you on a deep journey with his first single of 2021 “The Odyssey” lives up to its namesake and provides rich textures, an almost hypnotic bassline, and an ethereal sense of depth. HNTR is off to a great start… Here we go...

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Division [NNR002]

Craig Williams & Pantheon


No Neon builds on a fantastic first EP with a fine follow up from Craig Williams & Pantheon. Williams is a long time underground talent who has released on Snatch!, Get Physical and Club Sweat and worked with Green Velvet on his album, while Australian producer and DJ Pantheon is head tastemaker of Unknown Records who counts iconic artists Paul Oakenfold, Jamie Jones, Steve Lawler and Riva Starr as fans.

Says Williams, "When Joseph Pantheon and I got into the studio we sat down, had a look at all the equipment, and chose a few key machines to work with and let them dictate the record. The obvious one you hear running through the track with the arpeggio line is the Arp 2600 clone. Once we started jamming the Arp with a couple of the drum machines the sketch came together really quickly.”

As such, Division is a lush house track with progressive melodies that take you ever higher. It's got supple drums that get you in a trance and plenty of astral mods that really make a mark.

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Riding high on a string of well-received releases on Tronic and Reload, Sam WOLFE makes his debut on No Neon Records with a dark roller coloured by mysterious drones and pulsating arps. Taking notes from classic progressive house and blending it into a modern Techno landscape “Full Moon” is just the beginning of what the future has in store from WOLFE. No Neon Records [NNR005]

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