The Odyssey [NNR007]



Wanna go for a Ride? On NNR007 HNTR promises to take you somewhere you’ve never been. Taking you on a deep journey with his first single of 2021 “The Odyssey” lives up to its namesake and provides rich textures, an almost hypnotic bassline, and an ethereal sense of depth. HNTR is off to a great start… Here we go...

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Waiting Up (Reprise)

HNTR With NNR004 HNTR brings us a reimagined take on the song that put his previous project on the map. An echoing bass riff and tough fast-paced drum groove lay the foundation for a haunting “wait up” vocal backed with cinematic feeling soundscapes that take the listener on a dark and at times moody journey. Taking notes from Deep House, Drum and Bass, and the current sounds of Techno this one definitely blurs the lines into a melting pot of inspirations but maintains a driving and peak time Techno framework. Perhaps HNTR has found a way for lighting to strike twice with this reprise as Waiting Up is set to help him leave his mark yet again. This track is definitive HNTR.

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